Masar: Multiple Features and Benefits
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Masar adopts the concept of full movement by creating a development and investment environment in the area surrounding the Haram Al Sharif and preparing the right environment to improve the lifestyle.


Metro Lines
The Makkah Metro tunnel is one of the main features of Masar. Line B of Makkah Metro leaves for Masar from the Third Ring Road and stops at the Al Haramain station, followed by the Mosque station, and then departs for its destination in the Al Mashaer area. Its length reaches 2.1 kilometers per direction.

Metro Stations

  1. Station A: Al Haramain metro station is a terminal for transporting passengers via Metro Line B and is located to the west of King Abdullah Mosque and Car Park 1.

Size: 73,103 square meters

  1. Station B: King Abdullah Mosque metro station is located to the east of King Abdullah Mosque.

Size: 27,231 square meters