Our Story on Improving the Quality of Life in Makkah
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Ever since the dawn of Islam, Makkah has held a special place in the hearts of Muslims, more and more of whom visit this city every year. Therefore, the wise leaders of the blessed Kingdom of Saudi Arabia devote special attention to serving Makkah residents and pilgrims and delivering the right services for the comfort and convenience of visitors by working on the development and growth of the Holy Capital and transforming it into a modern landmark and advanced cultural destination in different fields.

Royal Decree No. 6258/MB was issued on 5/5/1426 stipulating the development of King Abdulaziz Road in Makkah, which is the core component of Masar. Development works were launched through the Elementary Founding Committee in 1427 AH, which was established for the founding of Umm Alqura for Development and Construction in 1433 AH.
Umm Alqura for Development and Construction immediately began developing the project site under the supervision of the Makkah Development Authority, starting with treating unplanned settlements by listing and surveying properties located on the project’s lands. The company then conducted evacuation procedures with owners by coordinating with relevant official entities.The total compensation delivered to beneficiaries reached around SAR 10 billion as per the directives of the Makkah Development Authority. Umm Alqura managed to treat the nearly 4,000 properties in these unplanned settlements in only five years. This is how Umm Alqura sought to transform these unplanned settlements into a model environment within its objectives to create the right environment by exploring new avenues that enhance the quality of life of Makkah residents and pilgrims through the development of an integrated system for Masar’s infrastructure. The company allocated several green landscaped areas and many integrated cultural, recreational, and social facilities and raised the quantitative and qualitative efficiency of services, in addition to developing public transport and modern transportation methods and facilities to develop the lifestyle of individuals and improve the quality of life in Makkah in line with the Quality of Life Program, one of the pillars of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.