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Public and private efforts have always been competing in the service of the Holy Mosque and visitors who come to perform Hajj and Umrah from all over the globe. For us at Umm Alqura, this opportunity to serve the Holy City is a blessing from Allah, and we are proud to be able to contribute to its development and growth to become a developed city as well as a modern landmark and a thriving cultural destination in different fields through the development of Masar. Located along the King Abdulaziz Road in Makkah, the urban developmental project will include an integrated service system that provides multiple avenues for its people and honorable guests, represented by the Makkah Metro Station, the Bus Rapid Transit Network, Vehicles Routes, and the Pedestrian Boulevard, which serves as a natural extension to the plazas of the Haram Al Sharif.

The project will help create an environment that can improve the lifestyle of the people of Makkah by introducing new options which contribute to enhancing the quality of life for residents, visitors and pilgrims, represented by the beautiful green spaces and integrated cultural, recreational, and social facilities that have been allocated for this project.

I have trust in the project's progress and in our commitment to support the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which is the inspiring roadmap for the future of our nation. The project is regarded as one of the most important developmental projects in the region, linked to several major programs for the Kingdom's Vision 2030, at the forefront of which is the Quality of Life Program and the Doyof Al Rahman Program (DARP), in addition to its significant contribution to the enhancement of tourism, hospitality, and the investment sector in general within other development projects.

Through the development of Masar, we plan to contribute to increasing the capacity of pilgrims to 30 million by the year 2030, which is one of the key objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

I pray to Allah to grant us success in bringing this project to fruition. May He guide our developmental and investment vision as we establish Masar as a modern landmark and cultural destination that will improve the quality of life for residents, pilgrims and visitors in Makkah in a way that befits the sanctity of this honorable city.